temporarily unable to speak

"they stared in dumb amazement"

not expressed in uttered words

“dumb grief”

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DUMB Theatre Co. is dedicated to developing work in a collaborative nature and providing leadership opportunities to women and under-represented groups. We strive to create resonant theatre which inspires reckless abandon, rebellion and courage in the face of adversity. Through simplicity in production values, clear storytelling, and robust performances, we reimagine classical text and develop new works from fresh voices.


“Perhaps all of the Dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.”



Our Story

In 2017, Peter Hedges envisioned a writer’s group where early career creators could gather, discuss, and share their work. Lindsay Bednar-Carter, our company’s founder, was inspired to actualize this community and thus “The Lab” was founded at The Old American Can Factory with a 2-year long residency by XØ Projects Inc + LMS Realty Associates LLC. After a year of developing new work through “The Lab”, it became apparent that our creators were in need of an in house production team. Thus DUMB Theatre Co. was born to fully realize the new works developed through “The Lab”, as well as to provide opportunities for artists with a passion for leadership to discover their voice. We are dedicated to facilitating a collaborative atmosphere and asking our artists to step outside the box to create the unseen, unheard, unsaid and unknown.


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